Performances: Upcoming

Performance/Research Project: Agony and the Animus (aka the Mother and the Mothered)

Performance Research: May, 2019-August 2019. Directed/conceived by Kristen Lewis.

Residency on Salt Spring Island, B.C.: Aug. 23-24, 2019 @ Antler Ridge Dance Studio. Work-in-progress showing, by invitation. August 24, 2019, Salt Spring Island, B.C. Please contact us to be added to the guest-list: Vancouver, B.C. and Victoria, B.C. dates TBA.

In pursuit of some answers to the question: why do ‘we’ (a Western ‘we’) abhor nature?, this project examines the roots of the “flight from nature” in the common experience of being subject to a mother. The multidisciplinary project involves an eventual hybrid performance in the fall of 2019, supported by collaborative research with performance artists and dance artists (current phase involves Vancouver-based contemporary dance-artists Lucas Wilson-Bilbro and Avery Smith); interviews with men about their mothers; and academic writing and research about desire, subjectivity, and the possibilities of love, friendship, and community built on the ashes of a culture with a deeply troubled, often denied relationship to maternity.

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