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“Improvisation in Precarious Times: Crisis, Collaboration, and Creating Ethical Communities”

June 05, 2019, Vancouver, B.C. @ Canadian Law and Society Association Annual Conference, Peter A. Allard School of Law

Collaboration with Dr. Sara Ramshaw and Julie Lassonde

This collaboration between a legal academic, performance artist, and dance artist interrogates how responsive arts-based improvisatory practices can produce and nurture legal spaces that are truly welcoming of and attentive to the voices of individuals and communities experiencing difficulties in the present precarity of contemporary Canadian society

“Playing with Ornette: Derrida and the Justice and Trauma of Improvisation”

June 08, 2019, Victoria, B.C. @ “Summer of Theory”: Experimental Theory Symposium @ the University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C. Hosted by Dr. Emile Fromet de Rosnay

Engaging with a text written by Jacques Derrida and performed onstage alongside free jazz saxophonist Ornette Coleman at the La Villette jazz festival in Paris on 1 July 1997 – and later published in English as Play: The First Name – this performance uses spoken word and dance improvisation to explore the justice and trauma of improvisation. On the one hand, improvisation self-consciously engages with tradition and convention, enabling resistance to past oppression and injustice. Justice as improvisation, thereby, opens up possibilities for new ways of being together in society, both locally and at the global level. However, as evidenced by the pain Derrida experienced when booed off the stage at La Villette, improvisation is also always traumatic: any first appearance of the ‘not yet recognised’ unsettles and destabalises our current knowledge and understanding of the world. Nothing can prepare us for the arrival of the wholly new. Here, we attempt to unpack this dual nature of improvisation through embodied arts-based practice.

Collaboration with Dr. Sara Ramshaw

“Attuning to Precarity: Crisis, Collaboration and the Possibility of Improvisation”

June 22, 2019, Vancouver B.C. @ Western Front, as part of Agile Futures: Approaching Improvisation (International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation & the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival)

Collaboration with Dr. Sara Ramshaw

Performance/Research Project: Agony and the Animus (aka the Mother and the Mothered)

May, 2019-August 2019

Directed/conceived by Kristen Lewis.

In pursuit of some answers to the question: why do ‘we’ (a Western ‘we’) abhor nature?, this project examines the roots of the “flight from nature” in the common experience of being subject to a mother. The multidisciplinary project involves an eventual hybrid performance in the fall of 2019, supported by collaborative research with performance artists and dance artists; interviews with men about their mothers; and academic writing and research about desire, neo-liberal subjectivity, and the possibilities of love, friendship, and community built on the ashes of a culture with a deeply troubled, often denied relationship to maternity.

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