Dance: Teaching

Improvisational Dance for adults. Weekly Class: Embodiment and Theory. University of Victoria Campus: Victoria, B.C.

Spring Session: Feb. 28-April 02. Tuesdays, 12:30-1:20pm.

Free of Charge. Contact for details:

Class description:

This ‘improvisational dance class’ is open to faculty, students, and members of the wider community who are interested in exploring the juncture between theory and the body. The ‘dance class’ introduces some of the conceptual and kinesthetic approaches to improvised movement I have developed over many years of practice/research in experimental dance. I invite participants to build on (or reject!) these approaches to discover their own ever-evolving improvised movement languages. This class is a chance to explore how our ‘movement languages’ (established and emergent) connect to ‘theoretical concerns ’ (also established and emergent)—and vice versa.

Improvising Dancer hits the dancefloor at the Royal Society of Canada gala. Halifax, Nova Scotia. November 2018.
Theory meets practice.
Text for dance class:

Dance for Children. 8 years experience. Innovative, child centered approach. Creative, contemporary dance. Private group classes and workshops by request. Workshops planned for summer 2019: Vancouver, B.C., Victoria, B.C., Salt Spring Island, B.C., and Bowen Island, B.C.

Dates TBA

Available for residencies in the public school system in B.C., through ArtStarts, here:

Children deserve a chance to dance their freedom. 8 years teaching dance to children: not a day wasted. Their freedom helps me earn and remember mine.
Dance student at work and at play.
Salt Spring Island workshop.
Rainwood Dance Studio.
May 2018.
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