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Winter/Spring 2019:

March 7-30, 2019. “Body & Law: A Genealogy” Micro-performances for Directed Research project at the University of Victoria Faculty of Law, supervised by Dr. Gillian Calder. University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C. By invitation. Please contact to be added to list. Victoria and Vancouver performances available.

March 04, 2019. “Reimagining justice: Art, law and social change,” at Ideafest, University of Victoria, B.C.; dance improvisation; co-presentation with Dr. Sara Ramshaw and other faculty and community members of the University of Victoria Faculty of Law

March 23, Law, Culture, and Humanities Conference, Ottawa, ONT.  Dance Me to the End of Law” Dance Improvisation/Lecture with  Dr. Sara Ramshaw (law professor and critical improvisation scholar)  and Julie Lassonde (performance artist and lawyer).

–Feb. 23rd: Cultural, Social, and Political Thought Graduate Student Conference, “World Without Us,” at the University of Victoria, “(Can I live) With or Without You: The Dancing Body as Other”Hybrid Paper Presentation/Dance Class/Performance

Fall 2018 Highlights:

“Three Experiments in Developing Written and Unwritten Laws”, co-presentation/dance improvisation with Dr. Sara Ramshaw Julie Lassonde: Sept. 20, 2018. Osgoode Hall Law School, Toronto. Sept. 22, Performing the WorldConference, New York City

“Marine Venus II” Dance Improvisation with Jacinte Armstrong,  Dalhousie University, Halifax, N.S.

“A lost Gestural History of Family Law,” Solo Lecture/Dance Performance Oct. 30, 2018, University of Victoria Faculty of Law, Victoria, B.C. In partial fulfilment of requirements for Dr. Ramshaw’s Family Law class. With guest appearance by the Bikers Against Child Abuse.

“A Lost gestural History of Family Law” Oct. 29, 2018
with the Bikers Against Child Abuse.

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