If you are a dance artist and want to work with me, please be in touch. I work with artists on a project basis when there is an affinity; I see us as co-researchers learning together.

If you are engaged in other forms of creation (music, theory, performance-art, theatre, writing, life) and want to reach out to talk work or to explore possible collaborations, please be in touch. I like thinking and creating together across disciplinary lines, when the fit is right.

If you are a presenter, whether through established networks (I work in both theatre and gallery settings as well as many points further afield, including academic settings) or in more informal or non-conventional ways, please be in touch. I always have several projects in production and like to look for just the right audiences to share them with. Much of my work is presented to small, invited audiences and performances are arranged privately with the host. Be advised that dance artists I work with are always paid at or above current Canadian Alliance of Dance Artist wages. For a sense of rates, see:

Social: K.E.Lewis on facebook.

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